Calvary Grace Academy (CGA) is a new outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Grapevine! Registration is now open for the 2022 fall semester.

At CGA we value education within the context of biblical values.

For many families, Christian private school is not affordable and at CGA we desire to provide FREE Christian school.

Enrollment for grades K5-6th is open now!

"I love a school that intertwines Christ and education ! Donation based tuition is awesome for the average working family... may God bless this school!"

- Christy Lane

"My daughter is learning so much, so quickly. The schedule works well for our family and has been such a blessing."

-Brittney MJ

How old does my child need to be to enroll in CGA?

Your child must be 5 years of age by September 1st, 2022, to register for K5

What curriculum does CGA use?

CGA uses the accredited Abeka curriculum.

What are CGA’s school hours? 

Monday - Thursday 8:30am-2:30pm
(drop off beginning at 8:15am)
We believe that learning can be accomplished within this time frame. We typically do not assign more then 30 minutes of homework.

How did CGA come to be a free/donation based school?

It is our desire to provide free schooling to our community to those that cannot afford Christian school. We accept donations and trust each family will give if and when they can. 

Does CGA have a dress code?

Yes! We require our students to wear traditional uniforms during school hours. You can find these uniforms at most clothing stores. Contact us for more details on our dress code.

What are CGA's objectives & values?

Please see the section below to get to know our school a little more!
At CGA we believe in combining excellence in education with character training. CGA seeks to instill a sense of personal responsibility in cooperation and consideration for one another. This begins with the faculty creating an atmosphere of consideration and cooperation amongst one another. This in turn helps the students develop an awareness of others and a desire to follow that model.

We have structured our classrooms in a way that fosters the development of leadership skills through serving others. One way we do this is by providing combined classes when appropriate. The benefit of this model is that students learn…

Leadership Skills
Respect for Others
Growth in Confidence
Work Independently
Develop Patience
Practice Kindness

Our goal is to develop independent learners that are engaged in the process of discovery and a love for learning.

The aim in grades K5-4th is to instill a foundational love for reading. CGA strongly believes proficiency in reading is an attainable goal. Once this seed is planted, the student’s confidence will grow.

This confidence is the foundation by which children grow to love learning. Hands on math and science are also an important part of this foundation to inspire curiosity and critical thinking.

Therefore, CGA is dedicated to partnering with parents to lay this foundation of learning.

What are CGA’s values?

· We value people: No matter the economic situation, age, race, or gender, we will show courtesy, kindness, and respect for every person because we are all created in the image of God.

· We value growth: We want our students to grow and develop in their learning, understanding, character, and faith.

· We value collaboration: Collaboration takes trust, communication, and hard work from all of us.

· We value leadership: Students are encouraged to step up to do what is right, be responsible, and help those around them.

· We value glorifying God. We seek His honor by doing all things as unto Him in word and deed.

CGA desires to help our students soar regardless of the common adversities we all encounter. Learning to “cast our cares upon the Lord” frees us up to excel spiritually and academically (1 Peter 5:7). Learning to “walk in the Spirit” fosters a faith dependance on God for strength and wisdom (Galatians 5:16). These are foundational truths where a child is learning to “build their house” on the solid Rock of Christ (Matthew 7:24). Our church family consistently prays for our students that God will bless and grow them as they participate in Calvary Grace Academy.

For more information or to schedule a tour please contact us today.